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Indian Culture: What is wrong with the current Indian mindset?



M Jawahar Reddy, EEE from Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore

India is the land of resources. That is the reason we don't find any Indian king who invaded another country but we find Kings like M.Ghazni who reapetedly tried to conquer our part of land.

Ancient India has a special place for itself in the fields of science, food, culture e.t.c. But the people of modern India i.e. we are never bothered about it. We always try to follow the Western culture.

In olden days, people of India used coal, neem stems and salt to clean mouth, who were gradually changed to use toothpaste and now, again, we are asked whether our toothpaste has salt or not…

In India, we have great monuments of sculpture. We have temple entrances called Gopurams of about 300 feet high which stood stiff, constructed in those days but we never care about those monuments and go on reading about the leaning tower of Pisa.

India once has the people who used to cure any type of disease with medicinal plants. As we are attracted towards the Western culture, no one knows about it these days. The first anesthesia was used by an Indian, father of surgery, Susrutha.






Yoga and meditation were first practiced in India. Taking deep breaths can stop us from getting 70% of diseases. Air is for free but we don't make it productive instead we buy and breath the smoke of cigarettes.

The greatest epics like Ramayana and Mahabharata happened in India. There are many powers in India which we know them as something different but don't know the reason behind. If the reasons were passed on from generation to generation, India would be the country with maximum number of scientific patent rights.

Even today, Inspite of our negligence towards our history, science and culture, Indians stand top globally. CEOs of many big companies are Indians and the reason behind many scientific success are Indian people.





Omkar Khair, lives in India

India lacks organization. We have a jugaad mindset.

I am born and brought up in India. As a kid we are used to following a few things in India, that we would have been frowned upon for in a developed country. Relieving ourselves on a street side, littering around public properties is a common sight. As an adolescent I started to notice the wrongs, and have been correcting myself since.

Here's one of the many things I see going wrong with our mindset.

When I'm out with friends, I'm subject to mockery because I hold back from throwing a wrapper or a paper plate on the street. I come home with my pockets filled with waste, in case I don't find a good place to dispose it off. At one point I started picking up stuff that my friends threw. Instead of this compelling them to reflect, and stop doing it; it encouraged them to do it and have the sight of me picking it up. I'm no saint. I stopped. Since then I manage my own waste, and avoid imposing my thoughts on others.





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Not littering around public/private areas and keeping clean is a very basic and essential understanding. We just love to bluntly ignore it. What our mindset teaches us is - "When others don't do it, why should I?", "Me not littering around isn't going to affect the tons of garbage already there". What we easily miss out on is -

You are not supposed to do it because it is a written rule, but because it is the right thing to do. What others do or don't should not affect your decisions.

We are the kind of people who only follow traffic rules when there is a cop around. We have created a society where the only thief is the one who gets caught!

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