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 US-China trade war is making China stronger





46th President22 hours ago

The US accounts for only 20% of China's exports. But from the media and politicians you would think it was 80% or more.



Andy20 hours ago

Interesting how China, through a student is informing Americans that the real fight between the United States and China is not a trade war but a technological one. The famous 5G which, not only China, but also several other Asian countries are ahead of the USA. China represents the biggest threat. The tariff war hurts both countries but is meant to slow down significantly the Chinese economy. Unfortunately there are collateral damage to the United States



Ron17 hours ago

China’s growth rate declined from 6.6% in 2018 to 6.4% in the first quarter of 2019. But in the long term, the pressure exerted by Trump’s administration will strengthen China. It will help China speed up its efforts to restructure its economy, focus more on innovation, and also boost the country’s national pride.



mechaman21 hours ago

China is about to launch largest mega factory in the world. China’s Tsinghua Unigroup to Build $30 Billion Memory-Chip Factory in Nanjing. This is just one of the many megaprojects they working on.



Jim21 hours ago

5G is fast but far from necessary. More than likely 99.9% of people won't even notice.



Michael21 hours ago

Look at the last 4 months of automobile sales in China

Down 18% We all know what that means, the middle class is in economic turmoil.

How is that good for morale




bill22 hours ago

Then why are companies leaving China for Vietnam??



peter20 hours ago

US is giving up Chinese market by not allowing US technology companies to sell in China which has been the biggest market for US technology products



falline21 hours ago

The US is stronger too.



John19 hours ago

It is also making the US stronger by protecting our steel industry and manufacturing.



Jon21 hours ago

Is Yahoo bought out by China or what. Seems like Yahoo always against the USA



little bit22 hours ago

Sure will be fun when China realizes they don't have to import anything from the USA, but the USA needs tons of stuff from China



Ray21 hours ago

Silicon Valley could be wiped out by a 7.0 earthquake in 3 seconds.



Gerjer21 hours ago

One way to fight back is buy made in America.



alex16 hours ago

Many American don't understand that Chinese don't need US market to survive. Apple needs China more than China needs Apple. There are only 3% of parts inside an iphone are manufactured inside China. 97% of parts are from other countries like Japan, South Korea and United States.



William21 hours ago

When China has a problem they work at solving it. When Trump has a problem he insults everyone then goes golfing.



leatherstocking7 hours ago

I really don't understand why Huawei leads 5G technology would stand for a great danger to America?It should be O.K. if in some fields you take the lead, and in some other fields, others lead the way. You learn from me and I learn from you, to make the world pregress for ever.



Side A17 hours ago

In addition there are more Chinese scientist graduating from US universities in the next 5 years.



I have Bigly words that I know.18 hours ago

Since created in 1956 Interstate Highways built in the US, 48,191 mi. Since 1984 expressways built in China 88.500 mi. Double in half the time, how can they out infrastructure us?



Tony21 hours ago

A wake up call for China. One is not to relie on doing business with the US companies that can stop selling products with Government requests. second



Denis12 hours ago

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